PUBG Gameplay Tips to Enhance Skills

Want some recommendations on the way to improve your own PUBG Gameplay? This guide has everything you would like to understand to enhance your skill in PUBG.

Regardless of whether you’re a replacement player or an experienced veteran, there's sure to be something you'll learn from this guide.

What PUBG Gameplay tips am I able to use to improve?

Learn to regulate weapon recoil

Know when to shoot and when to retreat

Pick the right landing spot

Choose performance over graphical quality

Above, we've listed all of the various gameplay tips we’ll be explaining during this guide. Once you’ve mastered these elements, your skill and overall tactical knowledge in PUBG will have improved significantly.

How do I control weapon recoil?

Learn what distance to modify fire modes

Understand how recoil works on each weapon

Test recoil with each weapon before using it

In PUBG, it’s important to understand when to use full auto and when to use semi-fire. Most players don't use full auto as often as they ought to and this is often actually because they struggle to regulate the recoil at further distances.

However, with some practice, you'll use full auto on many weapons at up to 100 meters and still get kills faster than if you were to use semi-auto.

Here may be a check out how we might consider when is best to modify fire mode supported different weapon types.

56 firing ARs – Full auto up to 100 meters

62 firing ARs – Full auto up to 50 meters

SMGs – Full auto up to 30 meters (Swap out for other weapons at further distances)

You can use the white square on the minimap to guage how far a player is faraway from you. Each white square is 100 meters.

Now comes the tricky part – learning the recoil pattern for every weapon. Whenever you discover a weapon, pick it up and check out firing it full auto at a wall. You’ll immediately be ready to get a pity how the weapon behaves.

A good tip for assault rifles is to tug your aim down immediately. As you still fire, you’ll got to increase the quantity you pull down per bullet.

SMGs are a touch more forgiving, but they ought to only be spent to 30 meters for max effectiveness. At longer distances, their damage is reduced.

Every weapon also has slightly different recoil patterns, with the 7.62 assault rifles being the foremost difficult to use. We’d suggest sticking with one weapon and learning that recoil. learning multiple weapons and switching between them may throw you off, to start with.

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When should I engage during a firefight?

The longer a fight goes on, the more you ought to believe backing away

Try to take as many fights as possible, but retreat if the fight isn’t going anywhere

Near the top of the sport , always wait before firing

Whilst it are often exciting to urge involved during a firefight whenever you hear bullets being fired, if you would like to be more successful in PUBG, it’s important to understand when to select a fight and when to back out.

The way you engage in fights should vary counting on what stage of the sport it's .

However, there’s one rule that applies to all or any fights across the whole game: If you're engaged during a firefight for too long, you ought to always back out.

The longer you're during a firefight, the more opportunities nearby players will need to catch you out from behind.

If you're trading bullets at an extended distance whilst in group or duo mode, you ought to also consider retreating of the fight. likelihood is that , you won’t be ready to win the fight unless you’re ready to down all players within the group.

It’s good to require fights when you’re ready to , but understand that you simply can always retreat and move away if needed. you'll move from cover to hide or use a smoke bomb to retreat safely.

In the later stages of the sport , for instance , when the play area is extremely small and there are 10 to twenty players left, it’s far more important to remain hidden and stay silent.

You should never engage during a fight unless you're forced to otherwise you are sure you’re ready to wipe out the player or team you’ve spotted.

If you get engaged during a long-winded firefight at the top of a PUBG game, other teams will encircle around you and you’ll be during a very difficult situation to urge out of.

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