Top PUBG Tips and Tricks to Win More Games

If you’d wish to become better at playing PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, you ought to read through all of the PUBG Tips and Tricks we've acknowledged during this article.

Whilst the following pointers aren’t getting to win you games on their own, if you employ all of them once you are ready to , your chances of winning or placing higher become far higher.

What are the simplest PUBG Tips and Tricks?

Combat tips

Movement tips

Player awareness and additional tips

We will be splitting this guide into three different sections. This includes combat tips, movement tips, and player awareness and the other extra tips.

You should read through each of the sections to find out more about the way to play PUBG more efficiently, but if you’d wish to , you'll skip to every section to find out about different aspects of PUBG gameplay selectively.

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How about the highest combat tips?

Find a weapon you wish and stick with it

Know when to peek and when to not

Work together with your teammates

Move closer if necessary

First, let’s start with picking out a weapon in PUBG. many of us will swear by a particular weapon, but the reality is, you ought to attempt to pick a weapon that you simply are comfortable to use.

Typically, though, you ought to always use an assault gun . The assault rifles are the foremost versatile weapons because they're accurate at longer ranges and may still do tons of injury per second at closer ranges when on full auto.

If you'd wish to know which assault gun to use, consider the M4, QZ, or Scar for more reliable long ranged weapons. Pick the AN94 or the Monster if you’d sort of a weapon that’s more fitted to quick bursts of injury up close.

The AK-47 may be a strong weapon for tapping slowly at longer distances, but you ought to also think about using a DMR like an SKS or an MK14 for an equivalent purpose.

Typically, the simplest combo would be an assault gun with an in depth to mid range scope on, then a DMR or sniper for extended ranges with a extended range scope on. SMGs are often good, but only in close quarter scenarios.

Since you're constantly on the move, it’s far better to possess longer ranged weapons like ARs because you're more likely to be caught call at the open than you're during a building or a brief distance area.

The next tip is to understand when to peek and when to not . If you would like to interact during a fight, you've got to point out your body or a minimum of your head to be ready to shoot your opponent.

The best thing to try to to is merely peek once you are fully or high health. If you get shot whilst shooting another player, it are often tempting to re-peek, but doing this puts you in danger . you ought to instead heal up then steel oneself against a far better peek to require down your opponent.

Another thing to think about is functioning together with your teammates – if you hurt a player and obtain shot too, ask your friend to peek for you. Alternatively, attempt to peek at an equivalent time to require any enemies all of sudden .

If you can’t get a player down because they keep hiding behind cover whenever they take a touch damage, you'll got to move closer. Move from cover to hide as you shut the space and plan to flank them.

If you've got a teammate, you'll use them to make cover – with this, you'll move safely whilst the teammate shoots where the opponent is hiding, forcing them to remain behind cover.

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